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The Sham(s) Movement at Harvard

by Orit Arfa

March 15, 2013 | 9:00 am

Alex Shams is appropriately named. Mr. Shams is the leader of the “sham” movement at Harvard, the Harvard College Palestine Solidarity Committee, proclaiming to be standing up for "Palestinian rights." He is not shy in letting us know that he openly seeks the destruction of Israel and ultimately genocide (for the two are intertwined). That he is the leader of the “One State Conference at Harvard” reveals as much. He is also organizing a "Right of Return Conference." For him, “peace” means the replacement of Israel with “Palestine.”

In the lies and hate infested “The Electronic Intifada,” he publicly denounced me when I called on a counter-campaign at Harvard in response to his Committee’s annoying “eviction notices” posted on Harvard dorms during Israel Hate Week to call attention to supposed Israeli evictions of Palestinians. In the two zAngel blogs I wrote, I challenged Harvard students to post eviction notices in kind, calling attention to repeated massacres of Jews at the hands of Islamic terrorists and Palestinians who use the so-called “Occupation” as a cover for their desire and intent to kill and subjugate Jewish “infidels.” No, he’ll plead, he and his cohorts are not anti-Semitic, but anti-Zionist, and that they are different. The only difference is that being anti-Zionist is more politically correct. Furthermore, extremist Left-wing Jews make up his best allies.

If Mr. Shams were so concerned with Palestinian well-being, he'd be spending more energy denouncing the Islamic terrorists who kill innocent Jewish women and children and bring ruin upon themselves for the hate and violence they adopt in the name of Islam. Furthermore, if he abhors eviction so much, then he should abhor and stand up to Arab human rights abuses against their own. Summary executions in the streets of Gaza, anyone? Woman free driving zones in Saudi Arabia, anyone? Daily massacres in Syria, anyone? He is a terror apologist who dresses up as a human rights activist. Sure, he’ll make the standard “we oppose” violence mantra, as he did in the Harvard Crimson:

The Harvard College Palestine Solidarity Committee is strongly opposed to the use of violence by any actor, especially violence targeted at civilians. However, we also recognize that Palestinian support for Hamas and participation in violent resistance is a response to a regime of occupation and human rights abuses that has lasted for over 60 years.

Then he goes on to say that, well, he really understands terrorism against innocent Israelis because “Palestinian” Arabs have no choice! In doing so, he reduces Palestinians to less than animals, suggesting they have no choice but to become baby-killers. That’s racist--to expect and condone murder from Arabs. When my grandparents were forced to leave their homes and belongings in Baghdad due to Arab street violence and pogroms, without any recompense, they didn't start murdering people. They proudly became Zionists to build the brand new Jewish state, the only civilized country in the Middle East and the only place to welcome them.

I called out his fake movement in this here blog, and of course he didn't like it. He went so far as to publicly say the Jewish Journal should dissociate itself from me. So much for free speech. The truth hurts, Mr. Shams. The truth is, he is the aggressor, extremist and intellectual bully. Anyone concerned with human decency and honesty should dissociate themselves from this sham artist.

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