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67 Percent of Israelis Indulge in Fantasy

by Orit Arfa

December 31, 2012 | 7:07 pm

A poll was published this month saying that 67 percent of Israelis would support a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders, with land swaps; a demilitarized Palestine; and Jerusalem’s Old City administered jointly by the United States, Israel, and the Palestinians, with Israel maintaining control of the Western Wall as well as major settlement blocs.

This poll is misleading. First, the poll was commissioned by the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace. The mere use of the word “peace” in the name of an organization already signals a Left-leaning agenda that presumes a moral equivalency between Israel and the Palestinians, since “peace” today is synonymous with appeasement of Arab terror. The Center's chair, Slim Fast founder Dan Abraham, is a contributor to the radical Left-wing J Street and a longtime supporter of the Clintons, and it was Bill Clinton who naively kickstarted the Oslo war-process. Second, anyone who just reads the headline about the poll without digging deeper could be deceived into thinking most Israelis support this failing two-state policy out of hand.

In fact, the conditions in which the respondents would accept at two-state model (it was not and never will be a “solution”) are nearly impossible to fulfill. The Palestinians would never willingly demilitarize. Extremist Palestinian factions would always seek weaponry against Israel, however primitive. The Palestinians would never agree to land swaps when even Judea and Samaria entire is not enough for them, as evidenced in their failure to accept "peace" deals that acquiesced to most of their land demands. And the Palestinians, at least under its current leadership, would never recognize Israel as a Jewish state. This may explain why a similar poll conducted by the Right-leaning Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs yielded highly different results, as pointed out by Amir Mizroch. In this poll, 83 percent of Israelis said they do not believe dividing the land of Israel to pre '67 borders and giving up East Jerusalem would end the conflict.

So the poll essentially asked Israelis: “Do you believe in fantasies?” In that case, 67 percent of Israelis have proven that they have great powers of imagination. The poll was a desperate attempt by the Left to hold on to the dying two-state delusion.

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