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Israel, Wake Up!

by Aaron Wood

December 9, 2010 | 12:31 pm

[One does not have to be Jewish to realize that Israel’s appeasement policy (I call it Chamberlainism) is wrong. A letter originally sent to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on December 7, 2010. Revised edition]

I have a home, my only home. I have no other homes. An evil neighbor broke in. He has already occupied a large portion of my property. Making my suffering worse, he opened an office in my home. Adding salt onto my wounds, he even invited others to open offices in my home. I have been agonized days and nights, years after years. I have treated them very well, hoping that they may be moved by my goodness so that I may have peace. But they harass and beat me continuously. They demand more and more from me.

I am close to total breaking down. I cried to my father: Dad, Dad, I have suffered a lot. Please comfort me!

Instead of comforting me, my father criticized me vehemently: Are you insane! Why haven’t you driven them out?! How stupid you are that you provide them with space, water, food, medicine, even money! How silly you are that you believe that by treating them nicely, they would leave! No sane person would ever behave like you!

I heard that Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay would recognize PA as a state. I even heard that they would open diplomatic offices in the Land of Yehuda and Shomron. Please tell me if this is true or not. Please tell me if Israel will once again open gates to provide invaders easy assess to conquer the Land of Israel.

Why don’t Israel have the confidence and courage of normal people/nation to say NO ENTRY to invaders, to say NO ENTRY to enemies.

Without Israel’s willingness, Abbas would never be able to set his feet on the Land of Israel, he would never be able to travel around the world and then go freely through the border monitored by the Israeli border police.

It is a shame! It is a shame not on the enemies, but on Israel!
The State of Israel should stop the appeasement approach.
The State of Israel should stop ceding lands to hostile entities.
Wake up and drive them out!

[The end of the letter]
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