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tweeting my dad

by Michelle Azar

October 19, 2012 | 10:53 am

My dad called me the other morning.

“Meeshelle….” He was trying out his Saturday morning leisure voice, but I knew better. Born in Iraq and raised in Israel, my father has a thick and specific Middle Eastern accent. We, his American fans, compete vigorously over who can imitate it the best, yet his Israeli clan swears there is no trace of an accent left.

I hold the receiver and wait. I’m amused both by his mispronunciation of my name, and surprised that he even used it, as for years now I have just been called: Rebbetzin.

“I am sorry to bother you, but I am looking for your mother’s mobile phone number.”

Yup, my self-made businessman dad knows not how to put a phone number in his phone. His mobile phone that is (does ANYONE use the word mobile anymore??) He looks at us like annoying flies whenever we offer to insert a number or two. And email you ask? Nope. Nothing like that touches those massive fingers that historically might do better working on a farm than pressing some tiny buttons.

As I was about to berate him AGAIN for not knowing or inserting or even JOTTING DOWN HER NUMBER somewhere, it suddenly dawned on me. I was no different from my dad in this arena. I remember when my husband first talked about email. I said there was no need to buy into THAT fad. Forward thinker that I am. I am one who had no interest in computers or video games, save for the few times that my big brother allowed me to PAY to use his. And I’ve always been afraid that paper and pen will disappear if we sit in front of these big ole screens for too long.

So who was I to laugh at or condemn my dear father, who has built a huge life for himself  by thinking forward to his capacity quite often?

I let my 11-year-old set me up with a Twitter account later that same day. In the moment, I saw no correlation, but now, these few days later, I wonder… Was my sudden acquiescence to this threatening thing called THE INTERNET meant to close a loop ? An opportunity to find a different use for my past rather than my current one ?  I can’t say I get it all yet. But I know I am having a little fun trying. And I know that’s worth something!

SO do look out for me on Twitter, Facebook, and my blogs as I try to embrace this monster and make it less scary. I will be posting and advertising and looking for yours too.

SOME NEWS (and shameless promotions!)

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In peace and gratitude,


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