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time lines

by Michelle Azar

November 8, 2012 | 12:01 pm

“But it’s already been 4 weeks!” she wailed. My new friend has been working out, eating differently, and wondering just WHEN were those results going to kick in.

I smiled. I got it. Heck, I GET it. I get very result oriented when I make the decision to change. I want the change and I want it NOW. I am in the process of feng shui-ing my house (can you USE a Chinese word as an English gerund??) At first, it was fun. We all felt such immediate responses that it just seemed like Magic was unleashed with every new room. Now, the more difficult moments emerge. That one closet. Those things that move aimlessly without a home. The time spent tackling just seem TOO difficult.

The admonishment begins. “It’s already been like 2 weeks, why isn’t it done? Where did all the magic go? I AM trying!” In fact, the 11-year-old girl in my house asked the same thing of me tonight. My heart broke as her big eyes registered the pain and shock of her day’s disappointment. “I DID prepare ! I did give it my all, and look where it got me?” She released the confusion that sets in when the process does not yield our sought after results.

We talked some more, the 11-year-old and I. The new friend and feng shui expert and I. And then I spent time talking to other friends, and family, and ultimately, talked to myself. These talks, sometimes alone, sometimes in the safety of groups, sometimes with paid professionals or moms even, can be the strength and motivation we might need to return to our process. Whatever that may be.

As we make time to unroll our mats this week, note that we are heading toward change with that one simple act.

In wonder, bravery, and appreciation


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