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Summing it up

by Michelle Azar

March 10, 2014 | 11:31 am

When there is a big life event, oh let’s say like a Bat Mitzvah, and you try to capture it in words, you will always fall short. After all, how do you truly describe gratitude? What words equal the effect a smile multiplied by hundreds of smiles can have? How can commonly used words like importance or legacy, tradition, meaning- how can these words convey in any truly unique manner what  one personally felt within the greater experience, the rainbow of emotions that one went through in the months and days and hours leading up to the big event at all? And of course, how do you possibly articulate the joy and other worldly amazement of a loved one as she owns her strength anew.

It reminds me of a poem…

things happen so you can feel them. laugh or cry or laugh so hard you’re crying. things happen              so you can see what you once thought was impossible.

things happen so you can feel the enjoyment and sadness of feeling them.

we live to feel. we live for moments like this.             

Adina Lilly Aaron

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