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by Michelle Azar

October 31, 2012 | 4:07 pm

I had always heard it takes 21 days to change a habit. Too short, I realize now. Too easy to revert to the previous ways. I have been on a repair program now for a good 7 weeks ( and three days, but who’s counting) and I am feeling change in a way I have never felt.

I know, everyone in Los Angeles is on some kind of a food plan. It would be COMPLETELY redundant to talk about gluten or coffee or sugar as the evil doers they are BUT… This plan, REPAIR VITE, (created by chiropractor, Dr. Green and offered through Apex Energetics) gives the adrenals a break.

Adrenal glands can get overworked and sorely underpaid by daily life. The normal stress of life coupled by erratic food or drink choices can really take their toll on the bodies internal ability to replenish. Chronic pain is more difficult to release when the body’s intestinal membranes are comprised. Sleep disturbance or a feeling of just being spent can also ensue. This diet restricts all inflammatory items, including grains and nuts as well as the more obvious culprits.

I have to say, I felt a difference pain wise nearly immediately. The addition of their supplements, a powder to add to water or a smoothie twice a day, their Tumeric drink, as well as an adrenal lotion, has me going on a fascinating ride toward a more stable general feeling of health.

And weight loss. It certainly is gonna work anything you are holding on to unnecessarily in this department as well. It might be worth looking into if you have suffered from chronic pain, fatigue, irritability or weight issues. I would recommend asking your doctor about it however. If this sounds like a commercial, I apologize. I share it only because it has been useful to me. Here is the address if you are interested : www.primohealthcoach.com


LOOK FOR THANKSGIVING SPECIALS! As I thank my students for their practices with PAY WHAT YOU CAN classes throughout the month of November!

In hope and appreciation, Michelle

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