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I AM, therefore I am worthy

by Michelle Azar

October 4, 2013 | 2:36 pm

I read this in a class taught by Wendy Haines of Illumine Education this past week. I was fascinated by the concept. It seems simple enough, yet, the messages behind it are plentiful. I wondered how many of us truly believe that- that simply by virtue of being alive we are deserving. Deserving of what is the follow up question I suppose. Those “inalienable truths,” the ones our forefathers wrote to be self evident? Many a wise sociologist could speak on that better than I. But what about the other stuff. The things we got and felt maybe as children. The things we we liked doing. The things we did that made us feel truly happy and free and like we belonged. Are these what determine our worth or make us feel lacking in worth as we get older?

We are often taught that hard work makes us worthy of rewards. Simultaneous is the teaching that it is not how much we own or have but with whom we spend our lives that create worth in a person’s life. Maybe this sentence, when read from the singular perspective of dream realization, can hold a deeper message. The subtleties behind these few words when TRULY internalized might have far reaching effects on our self esteem, and how we choose to further author our adulthood .

Either way, I like it. I like pondering the words in this short sentence. Maybe you will too.

Let me know.

In peace, and wishes for a joyful weekend,



10/6           no practice

10/7            9-10           with FANTASTIC sub, Linda Eifer- she is a specialist in Anusara and pre-natal yoga

10/8           6:30-7:45 pm

10/9            10-11

10/10          8:30-9:30     *****this IS our new time, late comers ALWAYS welcome though!

10/13          9:15-10:15    this Sunday class will meet the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month

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