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Coming Back to Breath

by Michelle Azar

August 2, 2013 | 6:00 pm

Some days, it’s all hard. The thing you thought you had taken care of that time still does not work. The thing you wanted, try as you might, feels still so out of reach, and the things that ARE available to you feel not interesting at all.  Your brain starts then to listen in on all the nasty rumors it’s hearing about you. That equanimity you work on diligently is challenged by all the negative messages rummaging about that uncontrollable environment between your ears.

Best to breathe in these moments. Sure, there are other options that might also bring immediate relief, most of them not as safe nor as long lasting. The practicing of yoga is to “sit with tall spine” and breathe. Not “get into a funky position in a heated room and learn contortions.” Nope. Just breathe. So that when that hard day (days) come up, you’ve got some options.

Option: make August your “coming back to breath month.”  We will still flow, but make a stronger and possibly longer commitment to our breath in each of our practices. And in order to make that commitment more affordable, all classes will be $10 until September 1.

I look forward to a lovely month ahead,


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