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Los Angeles Meet Plan Go, 106 of us together!

by Lisa Ellen Niver

October 30, 2011 | 1:56 pm

Thank you to everyone (all 106 of you) who joined us for our Meet Plan Go event Tuesday Oct 18!

Some thoughts from those who attended:

It was inspiring and encouraging to hear the stories and meet other people who have a desire for world travel like I do.

I had never been to an event with so many interesting people that interacted with each other.  There were no wallflowers.  They were all there for a reason.  The speakers and the questions just flowed effortlessly.

I met some really interesting people and thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  Congratulations also on receiving official recognition of the impact of your efforts on the community.

Join us this THURSDAY at 5pm ....

November 3 at 5pm PST:
Join us for an online real time conversation on Spreecast with Richard Bangs from PBS: Adventure with a Purpose, our keynote speaker for the Oct 18 event. You can ask questions and participate from your computer! http://www.spreecast.com/events/wesaidgotravel-richardbangs

November 29 : Travel with Technology “My favorite Travel App”
7-9 pm, Happy Hour Pricing on Drinks and Appetizers at Century City’s X-Bar. Meet fellow travelers and the creators of both ShipMates and StudioMini! Come to share you favorite app and learn what others are using on the road! PARKING: $8 with validation or 2 hours free at Century City Mall http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=261533087221643

It does take a village to create an event! Thank you to:

Dave’s Travel Corner, Hostelling International, India’s Oven, Intrepid Travel, Jewish Journal, Meet Plan Go, The Napa Valley Wine Project, Penn Club LA, Visit LA4Locals, We Said Go Travel, Westside Today

Richard Bangs, Nicole Ben-Artzi, Susan Bernstein, Shane Cullen, Jacob Frank, Doris Gallan, Jessica Gelson, Amy Gendel, Sarah Gottlieb, Jennifer Leo, Dyan McKie, Adam Morgenstern, Michael Morgenstern, Lisa Napoli, Lisa Nelson, Frank Niver, Judi Niver, Sherry Ott, Michelle Page, Michaela Potter, Spencer Quong, Kiera Reilly, Sham Sidheek, Amy Sommer Childress, Dave Thompson, Melissa Wu, Barbara Yorke

Thank you to Bill Rosendahl, City Councilmember and the City of Los Angeles for our Certificate of Appreciation for our leadership and community building in Los Angeles!

Photos by Spencer Quong and Michelle Yam: click here for photos!

More news, photos and information on our website: www.wesaidgotravel.com


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