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I love Lucy! What is in your backpack?

by Lisa Ellen Niver

November 7, 2011 | 8:00 pm

I love Lucy clothes!

Just like the ads claim they are perfectly packable. While stuck inside for a couple of days in torrential rain while cooking upstairs at Fifita’s guesthouse in Pangai, Ha’apai, Tonga, Dwight asked me “Who is Lucy? And why is her name on all your clothes?”

It is true nearly everything in my backpack is from the Lucy store, on our summer trip in Tonga and Samoa this summer, I had two shorts, two capris, one long pants, half a dozen t-shirts and a long sleeve shirt all from the store. My one skirt and one zip up warmer shirt are also great Lucy products. Nothing wrinkles, the fabric is easy to clean and the colors are great. I figure why go anywhere else?

When we were away traveling for a year in SE Asia, I lost so much weight when we came home I needed clothes in a new size. I had already discovered Lucy clothes but now became a walking store.

As Laura Fraser says in her new book, All Over the Map

My desires—to be free and to belong, to be independent and to be inextricably loved, to be in motion and to be still—pull me back and forth.

Luckily I can use my Lucy clothes at my job, on my two-mile walk to work and for travel. If only everything fit my life this well!

One thing I am so happy about is the new Everyday Pant! Last year I wore my four pairs (I have them in every color) every day from October to April. I had hoped that the new version would be more slim leg and it is and they look great on! I like the new gray asphalt color and the new band at the waist is comfortable and flattering! I am glad they got rid of the zippers at the bottom of the pants because I never knew what those were for! Like all Lucy clothes they never wrinkle and wash and dry perfectly. The new fabric feels great, is lightweight and they are definitely my favorite pants.

At another time Fraser states in All Over the Map,

Almost anyone who is middle-aged can give you a long list of things that have gone wrong or that didn’t turn out the way they expected. But at least by now we have some measure of experience and wisdom to deal with it all. Things definitely aren’t easy for anyone.

She is a consummate traveler and does describe finding her own way by the end of this story but one thing I can tell you as a fellow traveler, some things can be easy! Shop at Lucy and you will have great clothes to wear and pack!

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