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Cruising The Rivers of Europe

By Traveling Cricket

May 12, 2014 | 7:31 am

Ever since we started dating, we've decided to spend all our anniversary traveling. As a result, our first wedding anniversary was spent on a long day trip - visiting fortresses and a scenic medieval town in Romania -, my birthday was spent in Austria and my husband's birthday on a hiking trip close to town.

Next on the list is our second wedding anniversary and we'd be in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Photo Credit: Miroslav Petrasko (hdrshooter.com) via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Miroslav Petrasko (hdrshooter.com) via Compfight cc

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia. The medieval inner city has a distinct charm, with its narrow streets, hilltop castle and lovely views of Danube.

And now me ask you something: what do Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna have in common? That would be aside from the fact that all three of them are charming. Yup, all of them are located on the Danube!

If you are looking to take one of the picturesque European river cruises , the Danube offers plenty of options and ideas.

You could spend as many as 11 days on the Danube, starting in Nuremberg and going all the way to Budapest, plus mix in Prague for some more charm. This type of cruise might not be for all - and certainly is not for us - but those who have limited time to travel in Europe and wants to see it in all its glory would benefit from it.

On the other hand, those like us - who need to be on the move and feel quit claustrophobic cooped up on a boat for so long - can find interesting those shorter scenic cruises along the river in the cities they visit. And allow me to share a secret: you don't always need to pay premium services for this to make it interesting, fun and romantic! Shop around and see what's available. For example, in Budapest, there are some public transportation lines...on the water. Yup, take a boat on Danube, see the city and just use your day travel card!

Another nice option is the short cruises between the cities on Danube. Bratislava- Vienna (and return) can be a lovely idea for a day trip. The connection time between Bratislava and Vienna is just 75 minutes (or 90 minutes if you want to travel from city center to city center). Not only do you get to see the fantastic Danube with all its lovely views but you also get to travel to Vienna and check out the city. Sure, you'd only be seeing small bits of it , but the preview might just prove great enough to make you come back. Just remember that these boats only run from mid - April to end of October.

Choosing a river cruise as an option for your anniversary does depend on what type of traveler you are. In general, we all want to splurge at least a tiny bit during an anniversary trip; and whether we choose a slightly more intimate hotel, a romantic meal in a nice restaurant or a gentle river cruise, that's up to what we feel like doing at that time. Ever since we had the chance to go on a scenic boat tour on the Adriatic Sea last year, we've been toying with the idea to try a short river cruise. And I'm pretty sure that we'd learn something from the experience, whether we like it or not.

About the Author: Traveling Cricket has been a travel writer since high-school (many moons ago). Currently she blogs in English on her personal blog and you can find her traveling around Europe. She is hopelessly in love with Budapest, London and Athens.

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