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Give the unforgettable gift

Robert Abel and Julie Bien

Posted on Oct. 24, 2013 at 4:19 pm

A wedding is more than the union of two people in love. For those in the community who join in the celebration, it’s a chance to give the perfect gift. Finding that, however, can pose a challenge to even the most experienced guest. Here are some suggestions for go-to gifts, many of them from those who make it their business to attend these celebrations.

Something Traditional

Julie Pryor, owner of Pryor Events, a wedding and events coordination company located in West Los Angeles, says a mezuzah is a gift that the newlyweds can enjoy no matter how many they receive. So don’t worry if another guest gives one, too.

“Each room should have a mezuzah, so even if the couple already have a mezuzah by their front door, they will welcome your gift to hang in other doorways,” she said.

Something Green

David Jacobson, a wedding photographer from Studio City, believes that money — the old standby — is the most practical wedding gift one can give, but you don’t have to just write a check.

“A lot of couples these days have honeymoon registries where you pay for parts of their trip, like a meal at a nice restaurant or the cost of one night at a nice hotel,” Jacobson said. “The money helps them do something they really want to do but can’t necessarily afford after the costs of a wedding.”

Something Sentimental

Hen Marciano, a recently engaged law school graduate from Studio City, says that the best gift she’s ever given someone was one that had over a decade of nostalgia built into it.

“My friend gave me this Minnie and Mickey Mouse gag gift when we were younger,” she said. “I kept it, and 11 years later, when that same friend got married, I gave Minnie and Mickey back as the wedding present.”

Something Practical

Terri Doria, of Be A Guest Events in Moorpark, recommends useful household items for a secular Jewish wedding, especially for couples who are just starting to build a home. One of the most well-received gifts she has given was a set of plush bath towels monogrammed with the couple’s initials.

Something Homemade

Matthew Freese, a local behavioral therapist and part-time wedding photographer, thinks that the best gift to give is one that’s homemade.

“I like to bring a painting or a nicely framed photo print to a wedding,” said Freese, for whom painting and photography are passions. “If I’m invited, it means I know the people well, and want to give them something unique and meaningful.”

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