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Maxi, this is youh mutha on the phone. Caul me baack!

August 18, 2014 | 1:46 pm

Image is screen shot from YouTube

The 'Ignore No More' app allows parents to shut down all the functions of their kid's cellphones until they call their parents back.

So next time your voicemail sounds like this:

"Max! Maxi! This is youh mutha. Caul me baack. If I have to leave anotha message, youh fatha will be furious. This is youh last wahning, Maxi. Okay. Caul me back. Buh-bye."

Teenagers, be warned. You might lose your ability to tweet, instagram, snapchat, Facebook, and play Candy Crush if you don't call your parents back in a timely matter.


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