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Old Jews Telling Jokes - Season 2

June 11, 2009 | 12:49 pm

Norman Stiles, “Sperm Bank”



Barnett Hoffman, “Questions for the Rabbi”



Producer, Editor, Director Sam Hoffman writes on his site:

Old Jews Telling Jokes: What’s This Thing All About?

Five months later, this site is still about the same thing: Old Jews Telling Jokes.

The good news is we’ve got some new old Jews. Many of this season’s participants responded to our first round and contacted us. We know better than to deny an old Jew with a burning desire to joke.

I wrote before that these jokes shed a light on a culture, but they also reveal much about their tellers. Like playing the piano, telling a joke requires craft, artistry and style. Does the teller have the patience for the set-up? Can he or she remember the details that make the characters familiar? Will he or she commit to the voices and the accents and keep them consistent? Is there that innate sense of timing?

See for yourself. We weren’t disappointed. All the tellers bring their own individual talents and at least sixty years of life experience to the material.

If the first season of Old Jews Telling Jokes was “friends and family” then let us present the next concentric ring, one degree-click out on the map of Jewish geography.

Old Jews Telling Jokes: Season 2.

—Sam Hoffman

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