Jewish Journal

Sorry, Cybill…

by Michael Aushenker

Posted on Jul. 5, 2001 at 8:00 pm

While looking for juicy parts in "Cybill Dis-obedience," actress Cybill Shepherd's memoir (Avon paperback, May 2001), UF found the following passage instead:

"There are all kinds of excuses for spite and intolerance, and no one is holding any telethons for 50-year-old, blue-eyed blondes. Last year in The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, there was a letter to an advice columnist from a man making demeaning stereotypical comments about Jewish women. Illustrating the column was a photograph of me with a caption reading 'a prime example of a non-Jewish woman?' Just because in 1972 I played the archetypal shiksa in 'The Heartbreak Kid' who steals the Jewish husband from his wife does not give the publication the right to use my image to represent everything Jewish women are not. This a terrible thing to do to my son and daughter, who will have their bar- and bat-mitzvah this year."

The Journal pleads guilty, and would like to make amends by inviting Ms. Shepherd to send in photos of the twins for our bar/bat mitzvah section.

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