Jewish Journal

Making Light

by Michael Aushenker

Posted on Dec. 21, 2000 at 7:00 pm

Looking to buy something kind of demented this Chanukah? Faithful Journal readers may recall Up Front's dish on the Punching Rabbi Puppet earlier this year. Since then, Archie McPhee & Company has greatly expanded its line of Judaicus nonsensicus.

Featured alongside the davening, duking "Semite with might who fights" in this year's Archie McPhee catalogue is a bag of 145 "Testamints" (in peppermint, spear-mint and wintergreen) with each candy individually enshrouded in Bible-verse wrapping. You can store these holy breath enhancers inside a tiny, gold-painted replica of the Ark of the Covenant. Oh yeah, and for people who couldn't get enough of those rabbinical trading cards, Archie McPhee is back with Torah Cards II.

But before the thin-skinned among you take to pen and paper in protest, keep in mind that the twisted minds behind the Seattle-based novelty company are equal-opportunity offenders. In fact, the Cat Buddha statue, the Nunzilla, and the multi-armed Hindi Bendy might be the perfect gag gifts for your non-Jewish friends. -- Michael Aushenker, Staff Writer

For more information on novelty Judaica, go to www.mcphee.com.

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