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Our City At A Crossroads

by  David A. Lehrer

September 15, 2009 | 6:26 pm

It’s worth reading the Los Angeles Times very carefully today—-it has some serious journalism that offers insights into the future of our city.

The first is a piece about today’s vote in the LA City Council deciding whether to adopt an early retirement plan that Mayor Villaraigosa had negotiated with several of the city’s public employee unions earlier this year. Despite admonitions from the City Controller and the Chief Administrative Officer that the deal was fiscally untenable there is a likelihood that the measure could still pass——rather clear evidence of the hold that public employee unions have on our local elected officials. In the Budget and Finance Committee yesterday, a majority of the committee incredibly voted FOR the agreement despite what it means for the financial position of the city (for future reference note those who voted for this absurd deal: Rosendahl, Huizar and Koretz).

A second article details the relationship of Ari Swiller (a close friend of the mayor) and land deals that effect the Department of Water and Power, environmental issues and corruption. It is troubling in its implications.

These two articles and Ron Kaye’s insightful blog are must reading if you care about this city and its future. 

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