Jewish Journal

A Pyrrhic Victory for Labor

by  David A. Lehrer

March 23, 2012 | 3:56 pm

The latest news on the Wal-Mart saga has just broken.

The City Council, in an all too predictable display of spinelessness, adopted the motion to restrict “formula retail uses” of over 20,000 square feet in “Chinatown”—the motion we wrote about yesterday and today. In a 13-0 vote, the Council went along with its supporters in labor and can reassure them, “we did your bidding.”

The interesting twist to the tale is that Wal-Mart secured its building permit yesterday so that the motion will have no impact on its plans. That is, unless the Council can figure out how to end run the Constitution’s ban on ex post facto laws. 

While Wal-Mart may have made it through by the skin of its teeth, the unfortunate message has been sent to businesses that are considering opening up in LA—beware, LA can change the rules in mid-stream and, if you aren’t nimble enough, you may drown.

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