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Afghanistan: Which Way Forward?

By  David A. Lehrer

November 4, 2009 | 7:20 pm

Now that the media frenzy relating to yesterday’s elections has run its course, it’s time to start focusing on more pressing issues than what the election of the new governor of Virginia... read on

  • A Man Who’s Changing Attitudes

    By  David A. Lehrer

    October 30, 2009 | 9:32 pm

    Thirty years in the civil rights field can make one jaded. You meet folks who purport to care about humanity, who are lionized for their virtues but turn out to be, at least on a personal level, less than exemplary human beings. They may talk the talk, but disappointingly, too often... read on

  • Crime and Spin

    By  David A. Lehrer

    October 29, 2009 | 6:49 pm

    Today is one of those days where events coincide to remind us of where we are in America and where our society is.

    I woke up this morning to the troubling news that the Adat Yeshurun synagogue in North Hollywood was attacked by a gunman who wounded two members of the temple on their... read on

  • Obama and Education Reform

    By  David A. Lehrer

    October 23, 2009 | 7:37 pm

    The first nine months of the Obama administration have been intriguing; a model of what happens when a politician tries to hew to a fairly moderate line in his policies. He gets battered from the right for his “socialism” and he gets battered from the left for his “failure to... read on

  • Rush Limbaugh and the Use and Abuse of the Racism Charge

    By  Joe R. Hicks

    October 20, 2009 | 4:43 pm

    Now that Rush Limbaugh’s name has been dropped from a consortium bidding to buy the National Football League’s Saint Louis Rams, there’s a bit of summarizing that needs to be done.

    A lot has been said over the last week about Rush’s involvement in the bid, and now that... read on

  • Complex Problems Deserve Thoughtful Responses

    By  David A. Lehrer

    October 14, 2009 | 2:43 pm

    Last week The Wide Angle reported on a Rand Corp. study that debunked the rationale behind last year’s Los Angeles City Council ordinance that limited fast food outlets in South Los Angeles for a year. As we reported,

    Well, here comes the respected Rand Corp. and it concludes... read on

  • Knee Jerk Responses to Real World Problems Make No Sense

    By  Joe R. Hicks

    October 13, 2009 | 4:50 pm

    Despite the fact that much positive change has occurred to America’s political social and racial landscape, some continue the mantra of victimization that persists in painting a picture of an infantilized, helpless black population.

    Case in point was today’s op/ed in The New... read on

  • A Chance to Fix LA Schools

    By  David A. Lehrer

    October 12, 2009 | 6:56 pm

    Community Advocates’ chairman, former mayor of Los Angeles Richard J. Riordan, has a clear and illuminating op/ed in today’s Los Angeles Times.

    Riordan points out the significance of the LA School Board’s recently adopted Public School Choice Resolution. The motion allows... read on

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