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Remember “Foreskin Man?” He’s baaack…

by Jonah Lowenfeld

April 4, 2013 | 11:35 pm

Panels from the latest issue of "Foreskin Man," the anti-Circumcision superhero comic. Courtesy MGMBill.org.

The comic book hero “Foreskin Man,” the muscle-bound and caped opponent of circumcision who first made headlines in 2011, has returned.

The fourth issue was released on April 3, according to a press release from Matthew Hess, the anti-circumcision activist who was the behind failed ballot measures two years ago that aimed to stop the practice in San Francisco and Santa Monica.

In previous issues, Foreskin Man spirited away baby boys who were to be circumcised by blood-spattered doctors and vicious-looking mohelim (Jewish ritual circumcisers); in the latest issue, the flying hero is sent to Turkey, where he stops a ghoulish-eyed Muslim father from using a curved blade to circumcise his son.

Hess regularly is asked to refute charges that his opposition to circumcision stemmed from anti-Semitism, and the new comic might help him in that regard. Circumcision is a central rite of Judaism and Islam, and Hess told SFGate blogger Debra J. Saunders that he’s not concerned about reactions from members of any religious group to his efforts.

“I can’t let fear be the driving force of intactivism,” he told Saunders.

For all four issues of Foreskin Man, click here.

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