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January 11, 2009

The Dyybuk in Annie Lennox



'The Clowns at CNN' - an original drawing by Avital, 6th Grade

I guess it says something about my upbringing and my insular adulthood that I am only now coming to grasp just how twisted our Bizzaro world really is. 

Contrary to my life’s experience predating the latest Israeli war with Hamas, I have awakened to the reality that evil is sympathetic; self-defense is terrorism; opinions - actually warped opinions, are journalism; relief organizations are intended to relieve those who do good of their reputations; civilians are okay to kill, but only if they are Jewish; all world leaders are fluent in the language of duplicity; and, perhaps most confounding, Hamas and many vocal Palestinians really do care more about exterminating Jewish lives than preserving their own.

Logic fails.  How does one reason with a lunatic world?

Can someone, anyone, please explain to me Roseanne Barr or Annie Lennox, both of whom have mistaken mild celebrity for wisdom?  Have my journalism colleagues at TIME lost their friggin minds?:  “Can Israel Survive Its Assault on Gaza?” asked TIME’s Tim McGirk this past week, reporting from Jerusalem, where the press is free and the government freely elected.

It’s not Israel that I’m most worried about, Mr. McGirk, it’s the rest of the festering world.

If there had been printing presses in the time of Abraham, TIME no doubt would be reporting: “the residents of Sodom and Gomorrah, who share the world’s hopes for moral clarity and integrity, look to Abraham and his life and bemoan the Jew’s obvious lack of virtue and decency.”

I’m not a fire and brimstone type of prognosticator, but one need not be a bible scholar to understand that once the world spins off its moral axis, as it clearly has, the suffering and destruction may start with the Jews, but won’t ever end there. How many tens of millions of non-Jews died in World War II because large segments of the world population believed Hitler would only decimate Jews?

It is not enough in 2009 for large elements of society to betray their humanity; to live hedonistic, sadistic lives; to cultivate and satisfy animalistic appetites; and to deny God and His values. These dybbuks - devils - anoint themselves guardians of “morality” and then proceed in ‘majority-rules’ mobs to enact their own depraved proclamations of who is good and what is evil.

Well, they may be able to fool CNN and TIME (truth be told, they include CNN and Time) - but just as they cannot make man-made global warming a reality because they declare it so, they cannot and will not turn Hamas into victims and Israel into Nazis. 

It is an abomination that they even try.

So I write and I pray.  I write not in the belief that I will break through to any of the demented with logic, but because if I don’t express my feelings I will explode in disgust and anger.  And I pray.  I pray because I believe, as surely as I believe that the diurnal movements of the sun and moon are beyond human control, that we’ve reached a point in our uncivilization that only the hand of Hashem can now set decency back on its proper axis.

These days, and I fear for many days ahead, the world sinks deeper into depravity.  For those who read this and wonder how to proceed, I offer these few words of advice:  Keep your eyes and your feet on your own moral path and when you are eventually clear of the evil that engulfs us, don’t look back.

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