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June 11, 2009

James von Brunn: ‘JEWS have AMERICA in their grip’



The ADL has a lot more on James von Brunn, the 88-year-old white supremacist charged with killing a security guard at the U.S. Holocaust Museum yesterday. Von Brunn, who is being hailed a martyr and a hero by his hatemongering fellow travelers, was a lifelong extremist and rabid anti-Semite, consumed by hatred.

Here’s what the ADL says he thought about Jews:

In essays and comments posted to the Web, Von Brunn extended those sentiments about Jewish persecution from himself to the entire United States.  “America at the Brink of Extinction” was the title of one such diatribe in 2007, in which Von Brunn informed readers that “historically, JEWS always stab their host-nation in the back while the host is experiencing internal difficulties,” and claimed that “JEWS have AMERICA in their grip.The elimination process is now taking place.”

In another essay that same year, he told Americans what to do:  “It’s up to you.  Stop talking.  Organize.  Take action.  Targets swarm across the landscape.  You know their murderous intent, you know who they are.  DO IT.”  It was not the first time Von Brunn had expressed such sentiments.  In 2004, in an issue of the white supremacist newspaper WAR, Von Brunn went so far as to issue a “Declaration of War against Jewry,” in which he declared war on “the Jew race” and its “institutions, holdings, and resources.”

Much of Von Brunn’s anti-Semitism was channeled into the book he wrote and self-published in 2002, Tob Shebbe Goyim Harog! (To Kill the Best Gentiles!), which he described as “the racialist guide for the preservation and nuture of the white gene pool.”  Its thesis was the standard refrain of white supremacists for many decades, that Jews are on a mission of “destruction of all Gentile nations through miscegenation and wars,” and the “Zionist Occupied Government” of the United States is welcoming “huge numbers of fecund non-White immigrants” in order to destroy the white race through inter-racial breeding.  One white supremacist, after reading his book that year, nominated Von Brunn as a “White Racialist Treasure.”

In his book, as well as other essays and writings, Von Brunn repeatedly touched on two subjects: the Federal Reserve, which he believed was controlled by Jewish bankers, and the Holocaust, which, like many Holocaust deniers, he believed never occurred.

Central banks were, according to Von Brunn, the “biggest sleight-of-hand trick ever,” allowing Jews to buy anything, “including the media, business, and government.”  Along with a number of other anti-Semites, Von Brunn also tried to capitalize on the economic crisis as a way to push his anti-Semitic views.  “Bread is bread,” he wrote in an e-mail he sent to like-minded people in November 2008.  “Why is the price of a loaf today so much more than it was in 1939?  The answer is, Jew central banks are stealing your hard-earned cash.”

In September he claimed that “the ongoing financial crises [sic] was manufactured DELIBERATELY by FED Reserve, Treasury officers, and Congressional JEWS seeking One World Zionist Government.”  He also provided a list of “suggestions” for Congress, including “round-up aliens and traitors” and “TAKE UP ARMS and ROPE!”

To Von Brunn, the Holocaust was another Jewish sleight-of-hand; he was an avid Holocaust denier with connections to a variety of denier groups and individuals.  Holocaust denier Jack Wikoff identified Von Brunn in 1995 as one of four “dedicated activists” who helped air the Holocaust denial videos of Canadian Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel on public access television.  In return, Zundel interviewed von Brunn on his radio show, identifying him as an “American artist and businessman.”

And you thought I was just stirring the pot. I’m not sure, but I’d have to guess that von Brunn’s Bible was not the Word of God but the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” or possibly “Mein Kampf.”

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