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Video game promotes exterminating Muslims

by Brad A. Greenberg

September 24, 2008 | 1:57 pm

This post from Islamophobia Watch will make your stomach turn:

A computer game in which players control an American soldier sent to “wipe out the Muslim race” has been condemned as offensive and tasteless by a British Muslim group. The goal of Muslim Massacre, which can be downloaded for free on the internet, is to “ensure that no Muslim man or woman is left alive”, according to the game’s creator.

Players control an “American Hero” armed with a machine gun and rocket launcher who is parachuted into the Middle East. Users progress through levels, first killing Arabs that appear on screen and later taking on Osama bin Laden, Mohammed and finally Allah.

The game’s creator, a freelance programmer known as Sigvatr, described the game on the SomethingAwful.com website as “fun and funny”. In a “How you can help” section, he writes to visitors: “Don’t whinge about how offensive and ‘edgy’ this is.”

And we wonder why the war on terror is perceived as a war on Islam. Reminds me of when Iowa Jane Republican spoke on NPR last year about how she was so proud of the troops who had died in Iraq “because they are the ones keeping us free and the ones keeping those Muslims out of our country.”

In other right-wing European news, a “Stop Islam” rally flopped in Germany over the weekend.

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