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Utah polygamists hand out voter guide

by Brad A. Greenberg

November 3, 2008 | 11:11 am

From the AP:

One of Utah’s original voting blocs — polygamists — is attempting to re-establish its political influence after more than a century of largely trying to go unnoticed.

Communities in Harmony, an alliance of representatives from various Utah polygamous groups, has issued a voter’s guide to assist Utah’s polygamists with Election Day decision-making.

“We need the candidates to know that they are just as accountable to us as they are to other constituents,” Carlene Cannon, the group’s spokeswoman and a member of the Davis County Cooperative Society, which practices polygamy.

I guess ... though polygamy is against the law and criminals temporarily lose their ability to vote and, I would argue, therefore cease to be constituents. The point those is moot. If there is only one openly atheistic member of Congress—and it took him a lot to “come out”—does Cannon really think politicians care what about the hopes and dreams and legislative wishful thinking of polygamists who live in the mountain towns between Utah and Arizona?

These folks are fundamentalists Mormons, though it’s important to note that polygamy is now way outside the Mormon mainstream.

The voter guide is available here. Neither Barack Obama nor John McCain earn an endorsement. Apparently neither responded to questions about “equal civil rights for people of our culture.” Go figure ...

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