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‘The Path to the Final Solution’

by Brad A. Greenberg

February 4, 2008 | 4:09 pm

I’m not one who sees anti-Semitism around every corner or believes that all major media is anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian. But The Jawa Report posted a powerful audio slideshow, “The Path to the Final Solution,” to YouTube today that focuses on the rise of anti-Semitism around the world, and left me feeling more than a little queasy.

The video makes little effort to distinguish between peaceful Muslims and jihadi fanatics. And some of the facts can be argued and disputed, like when the narrator refers to all of the Muslim world as the Arab world and includes Turks and Persians and Southeast Asians. But what can’t be ignored is the sheer vitriol exhibited in the photos, mostly of neo-Nazis and Muslim groups bent on the destruction of Israel, and cartoons portraying Jews to be a dirty and filthy and cunning people.

The video moves too quickly to fully ingest the offensiveness of many of the images, so you’ll want to keep your cursor over the pause button. You’ll certainly recognize some of the pictures, like those of Jimmy Carter and Mel Gibson. Others are more obscure, like the swastikas sprayed onto a bathroom stall at UCLA and the cartoon of Hitler smirking in bed with an emaciated and mortified Anne Frank, saying, “Write this one in your diary Anne!” All are appalling.

Here is part of The Jawa Report‘s post explaining the video:

As a member of the Global Zionist Conspiracy™ (although somewhat behind in my union dues), I was already aware that Jew hatred had been with us for some time, and that it still lingered in the shadows. What I was unprepared for was it’s seemingly sudden reemergence into the light, and welcome acceptance into mainstream political and social discourse.

During the intervening months, this new awareness caused me some consternation… and I found myself going in search of this filth.

You’d be amazed how easily one can locate vast resources of images, quotes and comments, videos, blogs and a variety of other propaganda blaming the Jews for everything up to, and including, the attacks of 9/11, AIDS, every global economic tremor and even weather patterns in the Middle East!

You’d be amazed, that is, if you had not already encountered this in your travels - and if you’ve been on the Internet for more than 15 minutes, you have.

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