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The false claim: Obama or Israel

by Brad A. Greenberg

May 10, 2008 | 7:59 pm

No matter what Barack Obama says —earlier this week it was, “We must never waver in our unshakeable commitment to help Israel achieve its goal of true security through lasting peace with its neighbors”—or how many Jews support his presidential campaign, quite a few believe he spells nothing but trouble for Israel.

John McCain tapped into this fear recently. And today, shortly after I received the above video from Obama’s office in which he congratulates Israel on 60 years, Israpundit emailed me his blog post arguing that Jews had to choose between Obama and Israel.

While most Jews favour Obama in a run off with McCain because he is a Democrat, they ignore how pro-Palestinian and anti-American he is.

Let me list the ways.

- Obama said “Nobody is suffering more than the Palestinian people,”

- Obama said “If there is an Arab American family [in the US] being rounded up without benefit of an attorney, those are my civil liberties!”

- Everyone on Obama’s foreign policy team, McPeak, Hamilton, Kurtzer, Brezezinski, are anti- Israel and The Israel Lobby. Their policies are closely aligned with Carter’s and Baker’s.

- Obama has been in bed with Jew haters and Islamic jihad for years. Farrakhan and his dear friend Reverend Wright, Obama’s spiritual guru, is a vile Jew hater.

Israpundit lists another nine bits of evidence against Obama, which he writes “cannot be characterized as a smear as they are all true.” Let’s take a second look, starting with these first four points.

  • The Palestinian people are suffering, even Likudniks and the likes of Ruth Wisse agree on that point.
  • Jews more than any minority know that when anyone’s civil liberties are being infringed, it is as if their own are. Because, in time, the injustice will find them.
  • Brzezinski, which is spelled this way, is, according to Obama’s camp, “not advising Barack on any Israel issues.”
  • It appears the case for that last point, that Obama “has been in bed with Jew haters and Islamic Jihad for years,” comes from this article in the Yemen Observer. Funny, I would have expected an American journalist to follow up on that. Kind of seems like a big deal.

And I guess those kudos to 60 years of a Jewish State must have come from some other Obama ‘08 office. Here’s how the impostor concluded his congratulations:

I am absolutely convinced that our friendship between the two nations is unbreakable. As someone who has had the great honor of running for the presidency of the United States of America, I pledge to you that I will do whatever I can, in whatever capacity, to not only ensure Israel’s security, but also to ensure that the people of Israel are able to thrive and prosper and build on the enormous promise that was made sixty years ago.

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