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“The Colbert Report’ in Iraq all week

by Brad A. Greenberg

June 8, 2009 | 1:55 pm

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A week in Iraq with “The Colbert Report” begins tonight. And, yes, I think Stephen Colbert is actually going to be in Iraq:

For Stephen Colbert’s fans, they have already gotten a fair share of previews about his Iraq trip. This has made it hard for Colbert Report fans to be spoiler free this week, however. One spoiler has Colbert getting a shaved head from Gen. Ray Odierno in the first taping, which is being held in Saddam’s former place.

Stephen Colbert mocks everything and plays a fake lunatic pundit all the time. But the trip to the Persian Gulf is dead serious, as is Colbert’s mission there. In real life, the comedian has taken note that the Iraq War, and its soldiers, have faded in the headlines as the economy and President Obama have taken much of America’s attention.

With the trip to Iraq, Colbert seeks to put the spotlight back on the soldiers still over there - though he can still get some laughs along the way.

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