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Still a virgin? Need help?

by Brad A. Greenberg

September 14, 2010 | 10:54 am

First I laughed. Then I wondered what exactly was going on here. Another Richard Dawkins ad campaign?

My friend Andrew shot this picture on his way to work in San Diego a few weeks ago. I found it a bit strange until I spotted a similar billboard up close in L.A. last week. A la the ads used for “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” this is part of the marketing campaign for “The Virginity Hit,” which looks like the bastard child of “American Pie” and “Blair Witch Project.”

Rotten Tomatoes hasn’t been kind. Neither was Variety:

Equal parts bold experiment (in sustaining a YouTube aesthetic for an entire film), and shallow redux of well-worn teenage sex comedy tropes, “The Virginity Hit” reps a regression for producers (and Funny or Die honchos) Will Ferrell and Adam McKay. Returns for the Columbia release should be decent enough, though split sharply on generational lines: Those with the stomach for 90 slapdash minutes of nonstop crudity and cruelty will be tickled, while their elders will likely despair at these youngsters’ lack of a moral center or ability to hold a camera steady.

In other words, save your money. Stick to the billboard.

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