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Single Saudi male seeks free Israeli girl

by Brad A. Greenberg

July 15, 2008 | 8:15 pm

Remember that L.A. Times editorial last summer that suggested porn could bring peace to the Mideast? The evidence was scant, and I wasn’t a believer:

Is the LA Times—a lightning rod for anti-Israel accusations—really saying that if a Hamas suicide bomber watches a porno featuring Jews and Arabs together (think “Assraelis in the Occupied Territories”) that he’s suddenly going to think twice about exploding in a crowded market?

It’s a quirky story, something editors love. But let’s not take this seriously.

I still don’t think there is much there there. But. But ... I noticed something very interesting today in my blog traffic. Someone in Jedda, Saudi Arabia, apparently using a government computer, visited my post about Under God offering free sex. What Google search terms had led them to this article?

girl   sex  israel   free

In fact, the top results for that search primarily include tame news articles, one of which refers to a Ha’aretz version of this story (pictured).

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