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Sentence suspended for Brit who placed bacon on mosque door

by Brad A. Greenberg

September 25, 2011 | 12:58 am

Strange story from across the pond. It appears that a churchgoer in northern England demonstrated his disapproval of Islam by nailing some back to the door of a mosque. No word on whether it was chewy or extra crispy.

For Muslims, Pork is not halal—Islam’s equivalent of kosher. And the point of the act was denigration, not to make that particular mosque delicious, even if bacon does make everything better.

But John White’s story didn’t end with one bacon act. And the police took notice, as the Shields Gazette reported:

Concerned that the attacks could be sinister threats from a right-wing group, police trawled through CCTV footage before arresting White.

He admitted five charges of religiously aggravated harassment, but claimed that his motivations were personal, targeting a particular Muslim family, over a 20-year grudge.

White had been in custody since pleading guilty in July. Members of the Muslim community had requested the judge be lenient on White, and today he was sent home—after a little reprimand:

Judge Michael Cartlidge commended the forgiving attitude of the Muslim community and condemned White’s actions as “un-Christian” and “stupid”.

What’s the better comparison: Martin Luther or P.Z. Myers? I’m not sure even White thinks these were 95 Theses moments. His actions were more like that of Myers, the outspoken atheist who desecrated a communion wafer a few years back.

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