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Saving Beck from Scientology

by Brad A. Greenberg

September 19, 2008 | 6:17 pm

From Hollywoodprotest

If I could spend 30 minutes with one person, it would be Beck. The guy is a genius, and an odd one at that. I can only imagine what goes on inside his head.

Which is why it’s always surprised me that Beck is a Scientologist. Tom Cruse? Sure. But Beck? Really? We all blame our fathers for something, but Beck’s dad is the one who got him involved in Scientology. (I blame my father only for my ill-timed jokes and Scientology for “Modern Guilt,” Beck’s new album which was such a disappointment.)

And now, the news. Anti-Scientology protesters demonstrated outside Katie Holmes’ Broadway debut last night:

Picketers from the group Anonymous turned up to the production of All My Sons to greet theatregoers - including hubby TOM CRUISE - and warn them against the evils of the controversial religion.

As they donned masks at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre in New York, they shouted: “We are not boycotting Katie, we are not boycotting the play, we are protesting Scientology.

“It is evil. Scientology kills people. It follows you home at night. It is perverted.”

They also waved banners saying: “Free Katie, Keep Tom.”

Other famous Scientologists include JOHN TRAVOLTA and KIRSTIE ALLEY, but it was singer BECK who was, bizarrely, also targetted by the group.

One flag read: “Run, Katie, Run! (And take Beck with you).”

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