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Sarah Silverman says Obama is ‘circum-supersized’

by Brad A. Greenberg

September 25, 2008 | 2:00 pm

Move over Obama Girl. Sarah Silverman is single and, from the descriptions she provides in this video, she more than just a big fan of Barack Obama.

I saw this video Monday night at the home of David Nevins, an executive producer of “Arrested Development” who gave me hope that the movie is still going to happen. This video was created to promote The Great Schlep, a mass journey this October of Gen-Y Jews to their bubbes’ condos in Florida.

The Schlep is a product of JewsVote.org, and it’s aimed at using the same circles of trust to combat rumors and myths about Obama that have spread so viciously. They hope, though, that this video has the same viral effect as the Obama’s-a-Muslim e-mail.

The video has potential. Most of it is new material, though you’ll recognize her comparisons between young black men and Jewish grandparents from a bit she did on Leno last year. Best line about Obama has got to be that he is “circum-supersized.” But let me offer this disclaimer: Sarah Silverman has a foul mouth, and her jokes in this video are no exception. So don’t say I didn’t warn ya ...

It should be no surprise that Silverman is supporting Obama. After all, Matt Damon can’t stand Sarah Palin, and we know what Sarah Silverman’s doing to Matt Damon.

“I was wondering what I could do to help; anybody who likes me is voting for Obama, probably,” Silverman told me. “But this was a brilliant idea—it wasn’t mine—and I’m glad they came to me.”

“I’m terrified,” she added. “I work on the road and I see that it is not all for Obama.”

I work in Los Angeles and see that. That much is true in New York, too.

If you didn’t already know the nugget about “Arrested Development,” I recommend following me on Twitter.

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