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Santorum: Kid with dad in jail better off than kid with gay parents

by Brad A. Greenberg

January 6, 2012 | 7:16 pm

I get that Rick Santorum is politically, and morally, opposed to gay marriage. I’ve also noticed that he’s made a surge in relevancy in the GOP race after finishing second in the Iowa caucuses. But with statements like this one, as summarized by the Los Angeles Times, it is difficult to find the logic in Santorum’s candidacy:

“Marriage is not a right,” Santorum said. “It’s a privilege that is given to society by society for a reason….We want to encourage what is the best for children.”

So important is it to have both a father and a mother, Santorum suggested, that even a father who “is in jail and has abandoned” his family is better for a child than two gay parents.

Read the rest here and my views on whether gay marriage should be legalized, outlawed or left alone here and here. I’m not surprised by Santorum’s comment because I don’t think it plays to his base—no one doubts his conservative credentials. But I’m surprised by his comment because I don’t see any logic in it.

Like I’ve been saying: Just sit back Mitt. Just sit back and wait until you’re the last man standing.

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