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Raelians promote topless protest

by Brad A. Greenberg

August 21, 2011 | 11:45 am

There is still time to join a topless protest in San Francisco this afternoon. That much I know. What I don’t understand is why the protest is being pushed by the Raelians.

Technically, the protest is organized by GoTopless.org. But, as the SF Weekly has reported, “the group and its events are basically publicity stunts for the Raelians, a cult that believes alien scientists created humans. Their leader, Rael, is not just a prophet—he’s also a songwriter and race-car driver, the ‘fastest spiritual leader in the world!’”

Who are the Raelians? Time tried to answer that question back in 2003. I last mentioned the Raelians in March, when I spotted their billboard outside of Las Vegas that claimed “God is a Myth.” Before, they made an appearance in posts about God and aliens. To be sure, they have some unusual beliefs.

SF Weekly scoured the group’s website for insight into the organization and came up with a list of “the five craziest things” found. Here is my favorite:

4. Higgs Boson and superstition
You know those subatomic particles scientists are looking for? Apparently we should stop looking because our alien overlords told us that there are little tiny universes in each of those particles, and it’d be pretty mean of us to go smashing them together.

Super colliders should not be used as they cause damage and galactic cataclysms in infinitely small universes—destroying many lives.

The Elohim, as guardians of peace, non violence and harmony at all levels of infinity, ask human beings to not use any technology that creates huge cataclysms in infinitely small universes. It is not good as it annihilates huge numbers of civilizations and can also affect the balance of our own universe. Science is good and should be unlimited as long as it fuses elements, but never used when it breaks or cracks infinitely small particles.

Check out the other four here.

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