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Public teacher rants about being Mary Magdalene, marrying God

by Brad A. Greenberg

May 16, 2012 | 12:52 pm

And I thought the gold-teeth-from-God story was bizarre. In San Benito, Texas, a ninth grade teacher has been removed from the classroom after subjecting students at her public school to a 12-minute rant about her belief that Jesus had a romantic relationship with Mary Magdalene and that this unidentified teacher was Mary Magdalene incarnate.

From Kate Shellnutt at the Houston Chronicle:

“I am married to God, and I don’t know what’s going to happen to my husband that’s here (on earth). One of my eyes is mine and the other one belongs to God, so God is watching what you all are doing.”

More from the Houston Press:

She said that an army of God was coming to destroy this world on December 21, 2012, but not to worry, because Jesus had created another planet that was more beautiful than this one, a Utopia full of waterfalls where everybody was always 25 years old, where money does not exist, but Christmas does, complete with Santa Claus.


She says that she loves Jesus and that they will be getting married one day and that she will give birth to their child once she gets to heaven. She says that though she has never met Jesus, the two of them spoke daily and he kept her up all night with his conversation.

The rant, captured on a student’s cell phone and shared on YouTube, can be seen at the top of this post. It starts in English and then transitions into Spanish.

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