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Psalms of Larry David

by Brad A. Greenberg

September 10, 2007 | 4:18 pm

“Curb Your Enthusiasm,” one of my favorite shows because of uncomfortable similarities my wife and friends have noted between me and the show’s star, Larry David, returned last night to HBO and much fanfare.

In anticipation, the arts and entertainment editor for the
Jewish Exponent in Philadelphia traveled west to hang out with the creator of “Seinfeld” who knows no social norm he couldn’t abuse—I’ll give you three choices for favorite episode: “The Group,” “Trick of Treat,” or “The Christ Nail”—and tries to address the show’s Jewish “embrace.”

Maybe “embrace” is a bit too warm and huggy for such an un-haimisch heartthrob—“I’m not one of these guys that goes, ‘Hey, I’m a Jew. I’m a Jew. I’m a Jew,’ ” he says.

But there is a sense that if he isn’t exactly “The Hebrew Hammer,” he may be the “Yammering Yarmulke.”

After all, so much of his show shows his fascination—or is it frustration?—with what being Jewish means.

Spit-take? Ch-take! He’s docked the Orthodox and made mincemeat out of matzah meal on the series. Invite a stranger to seder? Sure, so who’s going to be offended if the guest’s a sex offender?


As the Bintel Blogger quipped: “Apparently he just plays one on TV.”

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