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Pepperdine and BYU make ‘Douchiest Colleges’ list

by Brad A. Greenberg

July 20, 2011 | 9:39 pm

Some real surprises on GQ‘s list of douchiest colleges. For one, somehow Princeton and Duke missed the cut. More oddly, BYU and Pepperdine made the top six. Here is what the editors had to say about Pepperdine:

Douchey Affectations: Silken, natural, uniformly blond hair; cryptic messianic Jewish ankle tattoo; black cherry Toyota FJ Cruiser with surf rack on top and a Ride a Wave, Save a Soul bumper sticker on the back.

Are You Right for Pepperdine? Are you a Christian but also really want a Mercedes SLK in Caspian blue and to be on whatever the next “Hills” is called? Don’t worry. It’s all holy. Because at Pepperdine, being Christian isn’t like all about washing lepers or giving money away or whatever. It’s about the fact that God chose you to be beautiful and hairless and successful.

That’s followed by a “formative sexual experience” description that reminds me of the Penthouse parody of Jerry Falwell’s “first time.”

It’s weird, and I don’t really get it; having a handful of friends who attended Pepperdine, I also don’t really get it. But the Pepperdine description isn’t any more bizarre than others in GQ‘s list.

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