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Pat Robertson asks whether mac ‘n’ cheese is ‘a black thing’

by Brad A. Greenberg

November 27, 2011 | 2:35 pm

It’s not quite Christmas yet, and in the above video Pat Robertson is talking about Thanksgiving, but the Christian Coalition founder and former political heavyweight has me thinking about gifts that keep on giving.

As Jim Newell at Gawker explains:

On today’s episode of the 700 Club, not-dead televangelist Pat Robertson was intrigued by a snippet from his co-host Kristi Watts’ interview with Condoleezza Rice. Rice said her favorite Thanksgiving food is mac ‘n’ cheese, a sentiment that Watts seconded. So Pat Robertson hears this, notes that the two ladies’ skins have similarly high melanin levels, and asks, “What is this mac ‘n’ cheese? Is that a black thing?” It is! It grows on trees, in Africa.

It’s unclear whether Robertson was surprised to learn of this new fangled dish or whether he was surprised to hear about people eating it on Thanksgiving. I have to imagine that he’s seen a box of Kraft in the grocery store before.

Regardless, we can always count on Robertson to say something that makes him seem either out of touch or off his rocker.

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