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Osama’s death gives new life to Birthers

by Brad A. Greenberg

May 6, 2011 | 11:51 am

The Daily Beast has a great story titled “The Birthers Become ‘Deathers.’” Here’s an excerpt focusing on the activities of quasi-founder Andy Martin:

Martin says he’s been convinced Obama’s birth certificate is “probably a valid document,” though he still has some questions. Now he’s turning his attention to bin Laden’s death. On May 3, after flying back from Iowa, where he was campaigning for president, he filed an FOIA request for the “Bin Laden capture/kill archive” in order to “immediately counteract any conspiracy theories.” In the request, he warns: “We have learned from the original and continuing firestorm over the missing Obama birth certificate that secrecy leads to public skepticism. Skepticism inevitably leads to corrosion of confidence in government. You ought not to let that same process replicate itself in the case of the termination of bin Laden.”

It’s that claim—to be out only for the truth—that Martin says makes the doubter movement more powerful than ones that paint fantastic alternative histories. “The reason the birther movement could never be stopped is because I launched it with truth and not lies—I knew there had to be a birth certificate, so why not show it?—it’s the same reason the doubter movement won’t be stopped.” Of course, Obama’s birth certificate was shown, though people can always doubt its authenticity. Highly classified documents pertaining to the killing of bin Laden never will be, meaning Martin can question forever. It remains to be seen whether the public will feel as entitled to see such documents as they did the birth certificate.

In keeping with his strategy, Martin declines to say what exactly he expects to find other than “the truth,” saying only that what evidence we have raises questions.

Definitely worth reading the rest here.

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