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Obama blazing the Antichrist’s trail

by Brad A. Greenberg

August 4, 2008 | 3:58 pm

Nothing makes me want to curse more, oftentimes, than my fellow Christ believers.

For example, this column from Hal Lindsey, author of the apocalyptic bible “The Late Great Planet Earth.” On the heals of Barack Obama’s European tour, Lindsey wrote Friday in WorldNetDaily:


Obama is correct in saying that the world is ready for someone like him – a messiah-like figure, charismatic and glib and seemingly holding all the answers to all the world’s questions.

And the Bible says that such a leader will soon make his appearance on the scene. It won’t be Barack Obama, but Obama’s world tour provided a foretaste of the reception he can expect to receive.

He will probably also stand in some European capital, addressing the people of the world and telling them that he is the one that they have been waiting for. And he can expect as wildly enthusiastic a greeting as Obama got in Berlin.

The Bible calls that leader the Antichrist. And it seems apparent that the world is now ready to make his acquaintance.

(Hat tip: FaithWorld)

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