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Newspaper: ‘Two Jews and a black man ...’

by Brad A. Greenberg

August 13, 2008 | 5:07 pm

Fortunately, that headline appeared in Ha’aretz and not Der Sturmer. It referred to the amazing victory Sunday by the American men’s 4x100 relay swimteam. It turns out that team was quite the multicultural melting pot.

Cullen Jones was only the second African American to win a gold in the water. Jason Lezak, who blew away the competition to bring his team from behind on the final leg of the relay, was a senior citizen by Olympic standards and a Jew. Garrett Weber-Gale, though much younger, also is a member of the Tribe.

Which brings us back to Ha’aretz and the headline “Two Jews and a black man help Phelps fulfill Olympic dream”:

So in the end it was two Jews, an African American (Cullen Jones) and Michael Phelps who together managed to rein in the French and set a new astonishing world record. A triumphant Lezak yesterday added jokingly: “Maybe we can set a new world record at the next Maccabiah Games.”

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