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Must Christians vote Republican?

by Brad A. Greenberg

August 14, 2012 | 9:44 am

In a post titled, “Was Jesus a Democrat or Republican?”, Jeff Myers writes:

I recently received an email from my Christian friend, Bruce, who expressed some of the same frustration. He wrote: “Some of my church brothers and sisters were appalled when I showed up at home group sporting my Obama tee-shirt and parked my ‘Obama-mobile’ front-and-center in the parking lot (pretty much assuring that I’ll never be an elder . . .). It’s almost as though they question the legitimacy of my faith because I don’t support the Republican viewpoint (I’m not a Democrat, either—I’m a ‘decline to state’ dude).”

I certainly have known the feeling.

I’m not a decline-to-state dude. I’m a left-of-center Republican, and one who has become increasingly frustrated with Republican political priorities of the past decade. And I distinctly remember attending a wedding a few years back at which a number of friends from my high school church youth group were shocked to hear that a Christian could vote for a Democrat.

Of course, evangelical Christians come in all shapes and colors. I’ve mentioned this recently in regards to gay marriage, but it is germane to non-hot-button political issues too.

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