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Muslim author: Quran instructs Iran to free pastor

by Brad A. Greenberg

October 24, 2011 | 9:43 am

It no surprise that the Islamic Republic of Iran was unmoved by international pressure in sentencing Christian to death by stoning. But shouldn’t Iranian officials be moved by the Quran?

Hesham Hassaballa, author of the blog God, Faith and a Pen, argues that the Quran instructs Iran to set the pastor free:

A cursory reading of even a poor translation of the Qur’an would reveal that Islam places the sanctity of human life at the utmost of importance:

And do not take any human being’s life – [the life] which God has willed to be sacred – otherwise than in [the pursuit] of justice… (17:33)

And do not kill yourselves, for God has been merciful to you. (4:29)

Furthermore, the freedom to choose one’s own spiritual path is tantamount in the Qur’an; one only has to look and it would not be hard to find

There’s a lot more, so read the rest here.

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