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Montauk Monster anti-Semitic?

by Brad A. Greenberg

August 6, 2008 | 12:32 am

Barack Obama meets the Montauk Monster

That’s an absurd question, I know. But the Montauk Monster, though apparently dead, is killing jewishjournal.com.

GeekHeeb and The God Blog have each posted twice during the past week about the alien creature or pit bull or raccoon or whatever it might have been or still be that was found on the shores of Long Island. Adam introduced Monty the monster with this post and followed up on it today with a report that the motive for leaking the photo was money all along. I argued Saturday that the monster was simply a dead dog; yesterday I changed direction, thanks to some solid scientific insight, and shared that it might be a raccoon.

We know little but speculation about the creature. But that hasn’t stopped cable news channels and newspapers and bloggers galore from pontificating about Monty. News searches for “Montauk Monster” are going crazy. Though not on the Google Hot Trends, interest in the monster kicked jewishjournal.com off-line for about six hours last week when GeekHeeb was flooded with 13,000 hits in an hour or two, and each of the subsequent posts have slowed our website to a crawl at times because the Monty pages are getting so much traffic.

So apologies if you’re having trouble visiting The God Blog or if it seems to be running extremely slow. This will all be over soon, though I don’t suppose this post will help the situation.

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