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Meet that guy who lied to get laid

by Brad A. Greenberg

July 27, 2010 | 4:00 pm

Remember the Palestinian who was convicted of rape because he lied about being Jewish to get a Jewish girl to sleep with him? You know, Sabar Kashour.

Rob Eshman has a revealing post about Kashour over at Bloggish. And YNet has a good feature. According to Kashour, the only thing he lied about was being single:

Sabar, who was 28 at the time, worked as a messenger for a law firm and stopped for a moment to buy something to eat at a convenience store. When he walked out, he saw a woman standing next to his motorcycle. “She started talking to me and told me her name. I said my name was Dudu,” he says.

“I’ve been hanging around Jews my entire life, and ever since I was young they told me: ‘Sabar is a difficult name, what other name would you like?’ So I chose Dudu, and it became like my real name. Even my wife calls me that…I was at Jewish homes, I even did Kiddush there. My brother almost married a Jewish woman. I don’t know anyone else like me who is Arab yet so Jewish.”

Kashour and the woman engaged in a brief conversation before proceeding to have sex. He asked how old she was, and she asked about his job and marital status. “You could see the girl was all over me. I don’t remember who said first ‘let’s have sex,’ but it was clear she wanted to,” he says.

Wow. What a gentleman. Still, his conviction is baffling. As Rob wrote about Kashour:

He’s a guy who lies to get laid.  Which is another way of saying, he’s a guy.

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