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Luke’s no longer happy ...

by Brad A. Greenberg

August 7, 2007 | 1:42 pm

I knew this day would come. Actually, since I profiled blogger Luke Ford for the cover of The Jewish Journal (I was speaking with other Jewish journalists yesterday, and they were appalled by this reality), Luke has been up and down on how he’s felt about the story. But we talked Friday and he said he thought it was fair and that his inner-Amalek “loved it.”

Today he wrote on his blog, that I was, in fact, a major disappointment:

For a decade, I’ve fantasized about appearing on the cover of the Jewish Journal.

I’ve spent more time thinking about what I’ll say in that ultimate interview than I’ve spent trying to pick up chicks.

(I have a far richer inner life than social life.)

I always thought this article would come at the hands of Amy Klein. I pictured us over lunch and how I would whip out my tape recorder when she started the on-the-record part of our conversation and all the brilliant justifications I’d give her for my abominable behavior. (Some people use their intelligence to make the world a better place. I use mine to rationalize my sins.)

But then my time came at the hands of 25-year-old Christian Brad A. Greenberg. Brad’s a good reporter but he’s no Amy Klein. And when he started asking me questions, well, I just answered them. The whole thing didn’t run anything like my fantasies. We didn’t even hook up afterwards because that would’ve been against the Torah.


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