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Lewis Black: a Muslim, Jew or Indian still couldn’t get elected president

by Brad A. Greenberg

December 8, 2008 | 7:13 pm

Lewis Black talks about being able to make jokes when President-elect Barack Obama moves into the White House. Though he’s glad to be getting rid of Bush—that’s obvious—Black is not optimistic about “change.”

“When you are 60, hope has passed you by. ... I think hope is really great, but it’s for kids. It’s a kids drug.”

He’s much tamer here than on Comedy Central, but beware: when he swears, CNSNews.com bleeps him out with chirps you might mistake for your fire alarm.

The reason I’m posting this, though, has to do with Black’s response to Obama being the first African American elected president of the United States. This is great, he says, though it’s sad it took more than two centuries to happen.

“But you still couldn’t elect a Jew; you still couldn’t elect a Muslim; a full-blooded Indian—what, are you kidding me?” Black says.

I know what many people think of entertainers who pop off about politics, but Black has a point here. At least for now. I mean, just look at the hysteria caused by suspicions Obama was a Muslim. And Rep. Eric Cantor, couldn’t even get the VP nod.

Bobby Jindal, though—he just might prove Black wrong.

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