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‘Let’s be frank ...’

by Brad A. Greenberg

January 26, 2009 | 12:18 pm

One of the more humorous parts of my job is reading some of the irate emails I get. Like one sent earlier this month after a visitor stumbled across an old post, “Bloomberg as Obama’s running mate?” The e-mail begins by quoting from the post:

“Let’s be frank, some fraction of Americans would vote against any black-Jewish ticket. In a close election, that could hurt.”

Here I am, an American searching for photos of Sderot rocket attacks to make a video to support Israel, and I find your blog.  I’m not assuming anything about Israelis, although they are in constant battle with people of a different religion.  Why do you assume things and call Americans racist and prejudice?  Why do you think you’re so superior to everyone else that you’re not racist or prejudice but so many Americans are?  Don’t you young presumptious f—-s that go around calling others racist realize you’re the bigots, that you’re stereotyping others and insulting them?

You and Obama—not even smart enough to recognize bigotry even when comes out of your own mouth.  You are the type of people that cause hatred around the world.  Stop bashing Americans and going along with this worldwide crap that Americans are racist, backward and anything else people want to assign to us.

As is often the case, this insightful reader makes a somewhat incomprehensible argument and, on top of that, misses a crucial detail: The line “let’s be frank” was not mine. It belonged to Josh Greenman of the New York Daily News editorial board, and I made that clear. I do, however, agree with his statement.

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