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LeBron James and the Jews

by Brad A. Greenberg

May 24, 2010 | 3:00 pm


I definitely agree with The Great Rabbino’s take on the NBA year being, for most spectators, over. The playoffs have been nothing but disappointing, with scarcely an exciting series. The real competition starts July 1. That’s when LeBron James, and a grip of other stars, though it’s really all about King James, will become free agents.

And that’s when the King will be confronted with his “Jewish dilemma”:

New York. What is more Jewish than New York? Seriously, they sell out the Garden for Maccabi Tel Aviv, imagine if King James came to town. If James took his game to NYC you know it’ll be about 10 minutes before Rabbi Shmuely took him under his wing. And if the Messiah were to come and need to stop somewhere before Jerusalem, don’t you think it’d be in NYC? Maybe a Crumbs Cupcake perhaps? James is as good as they come and New York is as Jewish as they come. Knick’s jersey sales would sky rocket both in NYC and in Israel.  If James chooses NY he will be making a lot of Jews happy.

Then there is Chicago, which is another heavily populated Jewish city. But forget about that. The Bulls are owned by Jerry Reinsdorf. The Jewish owner won six titles with Michael Jordan in the drivers seat. If James came to Chicago he would make Reinsdorf a happy man. James could be like Isaac to Jordan’s Abraham. Also, Chicago as a city pulling hard for James. Check out sendlebrontochicago.com.

Another Jewish owner recently got into the mix and made headlines. Dallas Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban said on CNNMoney.com that “anybody” would be interested in Lebron James. He went on to mention a possible sign-and-trade deal with the Cavaliers. Cuban was later fined $100,000 for his comments because he was considered to have “tampered” with the free agency pool. But Cuban isn’t the only one in Dallas trying to lore James to the great state of Texas. Check out lebrontothemavs.com.

Another site could be Miami. I actually do not want to discuss this possibility because the idea of Dwyane Wade and James playing together scares me.

Wait, Donald Sterling doesn’t have a horse in this race? No, not really. It’s not that his Clippers won’t have cap space. It’s that the owner of the worst franchise in pro sports almost certainly won’t spend it.

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